The Present Wonder


There is a silence and a song in nature that is captivating, but it is only captivating when you are silent enough in your own soul and spirit to allow it to be captivating. – Libby Kotula

Vici Mundum Show


Our Lord tells his apostles in John 16:33 to, “take courage, I have conquered the world.” Vici Mundum (I have conquered the world) is a podcast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. The podcast is hosted by Ken White and Tina Wandersee, and includes familiar voices like Heber Dunkle, plus many guests including our parishioners, prominent Catholic speakers, and local clergy. We hope you tune in, and please feel free to reach out with topic ideas or if you have an interest in being on the show!

Mount Carmel Media

Check out our video, featuring Kevin Riedel: