Covid19 Resources

Parish Communications

Father Dan sends a regular email update to the parish each week (or more often) using a parish-wide communication tool called Flocknote.  This is the best source of regular updated information for the parish.  If you do not receive the parish email, you can sign up for them with Flocknote by following this link.

Another great source of parish information for OLMC is on our parish’s Facebook page.  On the Facebook page you’ll see more frequent updates, prayers, live streaming, videos, and information.  The page is open, so even if you are not a member of Facebook, you can view the page regularly by clicking this link.

Tithing to OLMC

While we are not able to worship together, the parish faces an unprecedented time of financial difficulty, just as many parishioners do.  Our expenses have been restricted as much as possible, but our parish salaries and benefits for staff and the upkeep of our very large campus and buildings continues.  We greatly appreciate our parishioners giving to OLMC during this time and continuing their regular tithe.  If you have not signed up for online giving, you may do so at this link.  If you need assistance signing up, please call Carla in the parish office and she’d be glad to help you.  Parishioners may also sign up through their bank to have a regular tithe sent by check, or may mail or drop off their tithe to the parish.

Live Stream the Mass

OLMC is in the process of installing video equipment to be able to live stream Holy Mass from our Church, not just during the time of quarantine, but perpetually, for the sake of our parishioners.

For those wishing to view daily Mass, please consider one of the following Masses available online:



Resources for Children

Resources for Youth

Our Life Teen ministry to teenagers in high school continues.  For more information, please contact Ken White in the Parish Offices or by email.

For resources and lots of information, see the website for Life Teen.

Additional Resources for Inspiration

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