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Tree, Angel and Star Tags

Please grab one of the tags hanging on the windows in the Narthex, beginning the weekend of: November 20/21. The Angel tags need to be signed out so be sure to stop by one of the log book tables located on either side of the Narthex. This will better help us help you if the tag should get lost. This program is in partnership with Catholic Charities of Eastern VA.

Angel Tags- Pink, Blue or Yellow these are the needs/wants of those families we are serving. Pink - girl, Blue - boy, and Yellow - adult in need. Wrap these and follow directions on the back of the tag about return. Please visit the log book and write down the tag you have.

Tree Tags- Gift card for one of the aging on our list. Follow directions on the back of the tag.

Star Tags- Items to support Pregnancy Outreach. These do not need to be wrapped or logged.

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