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Register for Vacation Bible School!

Updated: Jun 15

Register your kids for VBS or Volunteer for VBS!

Detailed information regarding VBS for parents is located here.

Register your kids HERE (1st - 5 grade)

Volunteers are needed for set up and decoration, staffing the week of VBS and assist during the week. We need many volunteers, please contact Cristy at the parish or register to volunteer here.

We need adults to help us start our decorations on Thursday, June 17th AND Friday, June 18th starting at 9:30 AM.

Decorating day: Saturday, June 19th 8:30 am at the school. ALL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

Donations are needed to purchase volunteer T-shirts, supplies and to build the set and environment for the program. Gift cards to Lowe's, Walmart, or Target are great ways to allow us to purchase the needed items for the week.

Email Cristy at cbarton@olmc.org if you have any questions.


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