Thank you so much for your willingness to share your regular tithe with us through a direct deposit giving program.  Direct Deposit giving is good for our parishioners – allowing them to give a prayerful sacrifice to the work of the Church and maintain a consistent giving.  It is also a great benefit to the parish – allowing us to be consistent in our budgeting, prevent gaps from travel or vacations, and saves us considerable overhead in data entry and depositing.  We are so grateful that you have chosen to make your sacrificial gifts to the parish through Direct Deposit tithing.

Our current E-giving platform, NCS services, has served us well.  But after some research, we have found a better provider which is more user friendly and less expensive.  After a lot of research and looking and E-giving firms, we have decided to move our E-giving and Direct Deposit tithing process to a company called Tithe.ly.  Tithe.ly operates for the cause of ministry and the spread of the Gospel.  We chose them for ease of use and the ability to give a recurring or one-time gift.  Their fees are also less expensive than our previous vendor.

As we make the transition, we need to ask all of our families with scheduled donations to please delete and transfer their Direct Deposit giving to the new company.  As one of our regular users of E-giving, could you please take a few minutes to help us with this transition by following the directions below?

If you are currently giving through NCS, please first delete your giving with them:

Log into your NCS e-giving account here: https://giving.ncsservices.org/dl/?uid=ncs-1946

To delete scheduled donations:

  • Log in to above link
  • select SCHEDULED from menu to access your scheduled giving payments
  • select down arrow to the right of each scheduled donation
  • select trash can icon to delete donation

Next, delete payment method (credit card or bank info):

  • Log in to above link
  • select blue circle icon at the top right of the screen
  • from the drop down menu select My Account
  • select Payment Methods link on the left to access your default and saved payment methods
  • select dropdown arrow to the right of each payment profile
  • select trash can icon to remove payment

To begin regular giving with Tithe.ly:

Sign up with Tithe.ly for a recurring donation by following this link.  It is simple and easy to create a new account with them and sign up to tithe regularly. The fees are lower if you will use your checking account to directly tithe.  If you use a credit card or debit card, you might consider “covering the fee” so that the parish does not have to pay the fee.  Either way, it is your choice.

Again, to sign up online, simply go to Tithe.ly at this link and begin.  You can create your own account from that page in order to manage it.


If you would prefer to simply sign up with Tithe.ly over the phone, please call Carla Weimer in the parish business office at 757-595-0385 and have your banking or credit card information ready when you call.

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