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Splendor of Carmel

Where Heaven Meets Earth

We will renovate our Church as a gift of eternal beauty for a beautiful parish. Will you help us?


Our Mission

Renew our church, renew our faith

Our Lady of Mount Carmel is more than a parish church, it is an encounter of Heaven on earth. It’s here that Jesus Christ dwells in the Tabernacle - where we gather as a Catholic family to pray in His name - where the angels and saints join us to adore Him at Holy Mass. 

Our church is a symbol of the heavenly paradise we’re called to enjoy for all eternity. By renovating the interior of our parish, we will ensure that Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a source of joy and beauty for generations to come.

The Splendor of Carmel Project

The Splendor of Carmel project is a complete interior renovation of our church that will express the extraordinary treasures of our thriving and vibrant parish. This renovation will provide:


Seating that faces the Altar of Sacrifice with a direct line of sight to every pew in the Church.

shutterstock_751728628 (2).jpg

A Church that is accessible to all; with close attention to those with mobility issues.


And a renewed sanctuary to inspire awe and adoration centered on the Blessed Sacrament

The Splendor of Carmel will unite our parish in a spirit of deep and loving prayer. Will you help us?

A Glimpse Into Paradise

Explore the Splendor of Carmel vision…

Will you help us reach Our Goal?

Renovations will begin as soon as we have sufficient funds.

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Renew our church, Revive our faith, Reveal the Splendor of Carmel.

Will you help us?

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