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Emmaus Journey - Retreat for Grieving Parents

To register for the upcoming retreat, please click HERE.

Serving the Spiritual Needs of Grieving Parents

Of all the pains that life can hand us, arguably the most searing is the death of a child. A parent’s world irrevocably and horrifically changes forever. As Jesus joined his distraught disciples on the road to Emmaus after his crucifixion, we ask him to join us as we struggle through this horrendous journey of grief daily.

To meet the spiritual needs of parents whose children of any age have died by any cause, no matter how long ago, the Diocese of Richmond now offers the Emmaus Journey. A faith-based, day-long, spiritual retreat for grieving parents offered by a team which includes grieving parents, spiritual directors, priests, deacons, and parish leaders, The Emmaus Journey offers a safe place where you can seek peace, comfort, and hope.

Join us in a warm and loving environment with other parents who know something of your pain.

For more information about the Emmaus Journey Retreat and others offered around the diocese, please contact Christa Blomstrom at or 757-595-0385 ext. 107.

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