Fall CCD, Edge, and Life Teen

Updated: Mar 2

After careful thought and consideration of how to best minister to our families and educate our young people, we will offer the following program of Faith Formation for our families with young children.

- CCD for children K-5: Children in these levels will receive at home catechesis, with quality, Catholic materials provided to their families. Parents will receive instruction and follow-up on how to best educate their children at home in the ways of faith. Parents will have the option of a hard text, to walk through during the year in teaching the faith, or online resources to allow them to complete religious education using the Our Sunday Visitor curriculum. Parish catechists will work with families in order to facilitate our parents in being the first educators of their children in the ways of faith. Registration, information about the program, and further plans will be forthcoming.

- Edge for grades 6-8: Our middle school parishioners will engage in the education of the ways of faith with weekly, in-person, catechesis using the Edge middle school program of evangelization. Edge will meet weekly, with trained Core Team members, where they will engage with the teaching of the faith, and, in a safe manner, with each other.

- Life Teen for grades 9-12: Our dynamic Life Teen program for high school catechesis and evangelization will continue each week with in-person meetings. Our Core Team will work with teens to hand on the faith, prepare them for the Sacrament of Confirmation, or work on solidifying the faith as they navigate their high school years.

Registration and information regarding Religious Formation for our youth are available now.

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